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Another Example of God Willing

Another example of answered prayers. Two weeks before this hunt I told the American Jäger Course Instructor, my friend Brandt Gardner (The Man with the Fu Man Chu), that I would try and bring in a Roe Deer or a Fallow Deer for his Saturday morning class to teach field dressing and butchering to his Soldier and Airmen Jäger Candidates. I had one chance to harvest a deer before the 9:00 AM class. At 8:45 AM, which is well passed the time the deer are normally out, I thanked God for the opportunity to Hunt and packed up my gear. As I was climbing down the ladder from the High Seat I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. So I climbed back up, set back up, and made heart shots on the TWO Fallow Deer Spike Bucks you'll see in the video. To put it plainly, God answers. And in this instance God answered in abundance. I'm blessed, we are all blessed, by His mercy and grace.

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