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Katia Vom Bourn

Kati McShady

Here is Kati at 8 weeks of age. Her first day as a member of my Pack, The Omega Delta Team Cobra Strike Force Wolf Pack. :-)

When Kati is awake she is hunting, even though WE are not hunting. Going on "nature walks" with Kati is like walking a hellfire missille with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) module. She never stops processing targets of opportunity and is always on launch sequence, locking in on a myriad of targets to take out. "Look, a crow, can I launch?" "I smell a Wild Sau upwind approximately 900 meters away, "can I launch?" Even in the dog carrier in the truck she'll point pigeons in a parking lot. And when we drive away she looks rather disappointed at me and I have to remind her that I can not shoot pigeons in a parking lot.

Stand down for Kati is when she is asleep, but even then she is hunting in her dreams. Kati is all hunt all the time. Oh and no matter what she is doing she is doing it at 200 mph.

Here is a classic "200 mph" example of her following a 300 meter, four hour old, frozen weasel drag. She goes so fast she flys past the track and always has to double back. She passes over the Marder three times. BUT, she always finds what I want her to find and she always brings and apports. OK she likes to show off by prancing around with the quarry a little bit first, but I get it eventually!

And here is Kati at 19 months of age demonstrating the inherent and trained capabilities of a Deutsch Drahthaar (which means German Wirehair but don't mistake a DD for a German Wirehair). In short DDs "point feather and kill fur". They also excell at blood tracking. And they like to sit on your lap and sleep on your couch. At the end of the video is your's truly explaining in an elegant fashion what you just saw. "CUT, that's a take!"

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