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Hunting is a Hobby?

The State dictates that hunting is a hobby, and many, with ill intent, would like you to think that is the case. But Hunting is not a hobby, nor is it a Sport. A true Hunter, a Jäger, hunts to nourish Mind, Body, and Soul. A Jäger naturally becomes an active participant on God's Green Earth. A Jäger hunts to sharpen instinct and intellect bringing past, present, and future into one moment, continuously. A hobbyist, see's the biggest trophy, see's the game as a target that is no different than a bulls-eye at the range or a clay bird - a score, a touchdown, a win!

A true Hunter, a Jäger, sees each Harvest as God-given, just as God gave His Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Yes a Jäger respects the symbiotic relationship between Hunter and Hunted, and knows the source, the provider, of each Harvest.

The State wants you to believe they own the game, and then they can give you permission. I reject that fully. Game is God given and all you have to do is live a Godly Life and you'll feast for an eternity!! Now may God Bless you and these United States, the 5,000 year miracle.